Consultant Management Services

ECS assists clients and recruiters with compliance, finance and risk mitigation for their subvendor consultant contingent workforce. As a subvendor to ECS, consultants benefit from a web-based processing system and weekly payments for services rendered.

ECS consultant management services include:

  • Weekly Payment. ECS pays consultants on a weekly basis for client-approved hours and expenses.
  • Direct Depost of Payment. ECS pays all its subvendors electronically.
  • Web-Based Time/Expense Processing. Consultant resources working on- or offsite for a client submit their time and expenses for client review and approval.
  • No Need to Invoice. ECS processes and pays approved time and expenses on a weekly basis, so the consultant does not have to invoice ECS and wait for payment.
  • Insurance Assistance. ECS can assist consulting firms with finding access to appropriate insurance policies for their business insurance, and to fit client insurance requirements.

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