ECS Q2 2011: 34% Increase In Sales

In the second quarter of 2011, ECS posted a 34% increase in overall sales relative to the second quarter of 2010. W-2 contract employment sales increased by a solid 22.5% while corp-to-corp information technology related sales surged 68% on a comparative basis.

The dynamic in the current labor market is the increasing use of contingent staffing arrangements by companies still lacking clarity about the market’s broader health. Many companies are implementing mandatory temporary-to-direct hire models, and lengthening the term of the temporary period, as both a vetting process for personnel and a mid-term financial management tool as the marketplace evolves.

Recruiters can offer temporary-to-direct hire options to their customers by working with ECS. Contact ECS for help in putting those plans in place.

In other positive news, ECS recruiter clients have reported significantly increased job order activity on the direct placement side. A northeast-based recruiting client has reported “more direct placement job orders than we can handle”.

Though the gloomy national employment picture continues to be the status quo, proper positioning in the marketplace is still working for ECS and its recruiter clients in the second quarter, and we hope that continues.

-Ed Kelly, President

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