5 Ways to Motivate Employees

Getting your team to work hard during the summer months can be a challenge. Even the most dedicated employees have visions of beach vacations dancing through their head, making it difficult to get excited about work.

Thankfully, this issue is fully solvable with the right motivators. Follow these tips to inspire your staff to work their hardest, despite the warm temperatures and sunshine taunting them through the windows.

Empower Them

When you micromanage employees and reject all of their ideas, they feel defeated. It’s hard to enjoy work when you’re not able to do anything your own way. Change this by empowering your team to do their jobs as they see fit. This might involve a different route than you’d take, but you hired capable people, so put a little trust in them.

Offer an Incentive

Work is a lot more fun when there’s a prize involved. Hold a competition — either individual or team — and choose a reward people really want, such as an extra vacation day, cash bonus, or restaurant gift card. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at the level of extra effort exerted when there’s an incentive at stake.

Recognize Great Work

There’s nothing satisfying about a thankless job, so a little praise from the boss goes a long way. You’ve probably grown accustomed to your team exceeding your expectations, but they can’t read your mind. When someone impresses you, acknowledge their efforts and let them know you appreciate everything they do for the team.

Emphasize Their Purpose

Every person on your team was hired for a reason, so remind people how their efforts impact the company as a whole. When people realize their work really does matter, they gain a sense of purpose. Even monotonous tasks can feel a little less taxing when employees know they’re helping the team reach its goals.

Get Your Hands Dirty

People respect a boss who behaves like one of the team. Rouse your employees by rolling up your sleeves and working right alongside them. It’s inspiring to have a boss who isn’t afraid of hard work. Plus, no one who values their job will dare slack off when they know you’re watching.

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