Three Keys for a Cohesive Work Environment

Your employees are different people, with different jobs, interconnected by your company. Despite their dissimilarities, people need to unite to keep the organization moving forward. Success won’t happen if everyone marches to their own beat, so get everyone in sync.

Uniting your team might not be easy, but it’s effort well spent. Building a solid foundation is a great start, but the work is never really done. Through your own actions, you’ll need to provide consistent messaging that brings people together.

Clearly, Define Your Mission

If employees don’t know what’s expected of them, they’ll follow their own agenda, which will result in chaos. Bring your team together by creating a mission statement that clearly explains the company values and goals. This will highlight where the organization as a whole is headed and the type of behaviors and values people need to uphold to stay along for the ride.

Open the Lines of Communication

When one person doesn’t get the memo, the work of the entire group can be thrown off-course. Avoid this by encouraging employees to clearly explain their efforts, check in with one another regularly, and ask questions when they’re even the slightest bit confused. Everyone needs to be on the same page at all times, and open communication is the only way to make this happen.

Give and Receive Feedback

Band your team together by encouraging them to provide feedback on processes and procedures they feel are useful, and those that need improvement. In addition to enhancing the work environment, having a voice will allow employees to become invested. When they’re encouraged to provide input, people will feel like part of the team.

Of course, you’ll also need to provide constructive feedback. Sharing thoughts on what is and isn’t working — both on a group and individual basis — will strengthen the team and help pull everyone together.

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