Top Tips to Recruit Executive-Level Candidates

Executives have high-powered jobs that hold a lot of weight, but recruiting them is an even bigger initiative. Whether your company is growing and added a new top position or a former leader moved on to something else, this task must be taken very seriously.

You’ve probably hired plenty of employees, but attracting executives is another story. Use these three tips to make the most successful professionals in the field want to be part of your company.

Focus on the Candidate

When interviewing lower-level staff, you probably steer clear of those who push their own agenda, but recruiting executives is a different story. Instead of focusing on ways they could benefit your organization, place the emphasis on what the company can offer them.

Top executives have their choice of employers, so you have to convince them your company is the best move for their career. These people have clearly made very strategic decisions to climb atop the corporate ladder, and you can be certain they won’t make another move without the same due diligence.

Sell Your Company

Your company is a great place to work, so let executive-level candidates know what makes it so special. Share recent accomplishments, detail exciting projects in the works, and brag a little about your amazing employees. Highlight flexible working options, unique company perks, and ways the organization gives back to the local community. More than just a job, make them realize how rewarding it would be to stand at the forefront such an incredible team.

Don’t Delay

The best executive-level candidates are in high demand, so you can be certain other employers have their sights on them. Streamline your interview process to make it quick and efficient, because dragging your feet too long will likely cause them to go with another company. Since these professionals have the power to lead your company to greatness or sink it, push everything else aside and make the hiring process your top priority.

Recruiting executive-level candidates takes a great deal of time and energy, so allow ECS to lighten your workload. For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping employers and recruiters optimize and simplify the process of providing and utilizing contract workers. Find out how we can assist your company with our efficient, compliant, cost-effective services!

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