5 Signs Your Best Employees May Want to Leave

Your brightest, most ambitious employees keep the company moving forward, but there’s no guarantee they’ll stay on staff for the long-term. The only thing worse than losing them is being caught off-guard by it, but if you read between the lines, there’s usually plenty of foreshadowing.


If you’re able to recognize these clues early enough, you might be able to intervene before the person submits a resignation letter. Learn five telltale signs your best employees are thinking of heading out.


  1. Calling in Sick a Lot

When they’re under the weather, top employees often have to be forced to go home and rest. If your previously always-present staffers have started taking a notable amount of sick days — but never actually seem ill — something is up. They’re either interviewing with another company or just really don’t want to come to work.


  1. Contributing Less in Meetings

Until recently, your best workers had so much to say in meetings, they frequently talked over one other. You didn’t even have to ask them to suggest innovative ideas or offer feedback because they were always ready with it. More than a coincidence, if they’ve become oddly silent in meetings, it’s likely a sign they’re checked out.


  1. Submitting Lower Quality Work

Your best employees worked hard to get to the top, so if the quality of their work has declined, this is highly suspect. Intelligent, motivated people don’t just stop caring about their future for no reason. There’s a good chance they’ve simply stopped focusing on -term opportunities with your company and are now putting their effort into a job search.


  1. Becoming More Active on LinkedIn

More so than other social platforms, LinkedIn is the place to make business connections. The world’s largest professional network offers seemingly countless opportunities to get noticed by employers, so if your best workers are unusually active on the site, they’re probably trying to get on another company’s radar.


Separating From the Group

Navigating a job search is a huge life event, so it’s hard to keep it under wraps. Consequently, your previously social staffers may disengage, because they don’t want to spill the beans. Feelings of guilt and discontent can cause them to decline invitations to group lunches, happy hours, and other outings with colleagues they previously never missed out on.


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