5 Ways to Reinvent Your Company Culture

Your company culture sets the tone for your business. These organizational beliefs and behaviors might be written down and set in stone or just kind evolved organically over time, but either way, you’re not happy with it right now.

If you don’t like how your employees are treating one another, and/or handling outside external business matters, it’s time to make a change to your culture. Doing so will take a lot of time and effort, but removing the toxicity is well worth it.

5 Ways to Reinvent Your Company Culture


Redefine Your Beliefs and Behaviors

At present, plenty of negative attitudes and behaviors have become commonplace at your company. To change this, you need to establish a whole new set of acceptable practices. Put these in writing to eliminate any confusion and help the team understand this is your company’s new normal.

Share the Change With Employees

You can’t just send an email or give employees a new handbook announcing your new and improved company culture. Help people understand the magnitude of the change by gathering the whole team together for a meeting to introduce it and help them understand its importance.

Explain the Reason for the Shift

During the introductory meeting, let employees know what prompted you to change the company culture. If you found certain attitudes and behaviors to be so negative they prompted this major undertaking, your team definitely noticed it too. Helping them see how the new culture will eliminate those negative patterns will prompt them to take the shift seriously.

Make Expectations Clear

You can’t change your company culture without 100% employee buy-in. Therefore, it’s important to let people know exactly how you expect them to participate in the shift. Underline the type of behaviors that are no longer acceptable, and what you want to see in their place. Explain what will happen if people fail to follow suit.

Let Those Who Won’t Comply Go

Hopefully, your entire team will want to help bring your new and improved company culture to life. Of course, it’s possible that everyone won’t be onboard, so if anyone refuses to move forward with the rest of the team, it’s best to let them go and hire new employees who want to help make positive changes happen.

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