Tips on Finding the Best Local Candidates for Your Business

Finding the right new hire for your team isn’t easy, but there’s a very good chance the best person for the job is right in your local area. Tracking them down might take some effort, but it will be well worth it when you have a dynamic new employee in place.

The best strategies involve outreach to both passive and active candidates, because the right person for the job might already have one. Now that you’ve decided to think beyond job boards and employment listings on your HR site, find out how to find the type of talent your company needs to get ahead.

4 Ways to Find the Best Local Candidates

Get Employees Involved

Each of your employees has a network of former colleagues, classmates, friends, and family that likely holds a lot of talent. Empower them to assist with the hiring process by referring contacts they feel would be a great fit for openings at your company. Sweeten the deal by offering a bonus for anyone hired who remains employed for a year.

Reach Out to Your Contact List

Your employees aren’t the only ones with great contacts. When a position on your team opens up, reach out to your network to see if there’s a fit. You might not find a match with any of your contacts, but they’ll spread the word to mutual connections they can vouch for, who could turn out to be the best hire you’ve ever made.

Partner With a Local College or University

When searching for entry-level talent, work with a professor or the career services department at a college or university in your area. Your contact at the school can help you find a young professional trying to launch their career, who will be a strong asset to your team.

Attend Networking Events

The best local candidates are truly invested in their career, so they make a point to show up at industry events to make new contacts. These happy hours, dinners, seminars, and other happenings are a great way to meet ambitious professionals who want to get ahead. Consequently, it’s wise to attend as many events as possible to increase your chances of connecting with your next great hire.

Finding the best local candidates takes a lot of time and effort, so team up with ECS to make it happen. We’re committed to helping recruiters and employers like you optimize and simplify the process of providing and utilizing contract workers. Get in touch today to discuss a partnership!

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