How to Determine What Skills You Need to Actually Hire For

Hiring new employees isn’t easy. The last thing you want is to bring a new person on board, and quickly realize they don’t have what it takes to succeed in the position.

Looking at the big picture is the best way to hire right the first time. Not only do you need someone with the right skills on paper, they must also have a personality that clicks with your team. Learn how to spot this person.

How to Determine What Skills You Need to Actually Hire For

Separate Must-Haves From Nice-to-Haves

It would be amazing to hire a candidate who has every skill on your list, along with a personality that perfectly fits your company culture, but there’s a good chance this won’t happen. It might sound a little strange, but you’ll increase your chances of finding the best person for the job by narrowing your criteria.

Take a long, hard look at the job description to determine which skills are truly essential. Place those a candidate must have to be successful in the ‘required’ section and put the rest on a ‘nice-to-have’ list. This will allow you to focus on the skills that matter most, as the rest can be learned on the job without hindering performance.

Look for Gaps on the Team

Each of your staffers brings something unique to the table. If you’re filling a position vacated by a departing employee, consider the skills they have that you’ll need the new person to uphold. Or, if the job is a new addition to your roster, think about attributes your expanding team needs to grow. Diversity powers a business, so instead of simply hiring carbon copies of your existing staff, look for people who will make the team even stronger.

Keep Company Culture at the Forefront

Contrary to popular belief, the candidate with the most impressive resume might not be the best person for the job. Really think about what makes your company culture special, and the characteristics needed in each employee to maintain this distinctive environment you’ve worked so hard to build. Include these attributes in the job description as soft skills, because a candidate won’t be successful without them.

Hiring new employees is a full-time job in itself, so you could probably use an extra hand. ECS has been providing a comprehensive suite of services to employers and recruiters for more than 20 years, so allow us to assist you. Get in touch today to find out how we can support your company!

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