Here is How You Can Make Your Company a Great Place to Work

Top talent leads your company to success, but attracting and retaining the best and brightest isn’t easy. These people have their choice of employers, so you have to offer a workplace that’s second to none. 

If you’re having trouble finding or holding onto industry-leading talent, take an inward look at your organization. Changing a few things — or maybe more, if necessary — can turn you into a highly-sought employer.  

5 Ways to Make Your Company a Great Place to Work 

Choose Managers Wisely 

Making managerial roles the only path to upward mobility is a big mistake made by far too many companies. Putting people in leadership roles who don’t possess the right skills and personality traits will cause great employees to leave. Avoid this by creating ways for employees to advance that don’t involve management.  

Give Employees a Voice 

Your employees have valuable insights, so tap into them. Ask for their thoughts and opinions on a regular basis to show how much they’re appreciated. Really listen to what they have to say and take action to prove their voices matter. Working for an employer that cares is something special the right people won’t take for granted. 

Practice Open Communication 

Being left in the dark by your employer doesn’t feel great. Respect your employees enough to always let them be the first to know what’s going on with your company. Decisions made by management impact everyone, so keep them in the loop, even when the news you have to share isn’t great.  

Enforce Work-Life Balance 

All work and no play will make your company a terrible place to work. Keep employees healthy and happy by encouraging them to leave the office at quitting time, banning checking work messages during off hours — with some exceptions, of course — and requiring them to use all their paid time off. 

Build a Cohesive Team 

Work is a lot more rewarding when you’re part of a team you truly care about. Help employees build real relationships with their peers, so going to work doesn’t feel like a job. Start a company softball team, hold monthly group happy hours, and encourage people to eat lunch together in the break room. When co-workers bond on a personal level, the team feels like one big happy family. 

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