Keys to Finding Talent in a Labor Shortage  

As of June 2018, the unemployment rate was at a notably low 4%. This is great for the economy, but makes filling open positions on your team even more difficult. 

If you’ve been discouraged by the caliber of talent applying to job postings, you’re not alone. Finding top talent in a tight labor market is a challenge, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome. 

4 Tips to Find Talent in a Labor Shortage 

Look for Passive Candidates 

Quite often, the best person for the job already has one. These people aren’t actively seeking new opportunities, but many are willing to make a career move if the right position comes along. Connect with them by attending networking events, reaching out on social media, putting a call out to your network, and creating an employee referral program. Getting in front of these people will require extra time and effort, but they’re worth it. 

Offer Great Perks 

These days, candidates have their choice of companies, so they’re going to gravitate toward those that offer something special. Gain a competitive edge by figuring out what your ideal candidate base wants and adding to your list of perks. For example, offer the ability to work remotely a couple days per week, make your office pet-friendly, or give generous parental leave. You’ll become the first-choice employer if you provide value other companies don’t. 

Consider Non-Traditional Talent 

All jobs don’t have to fall into the permanent, full-time category. When possible, reach a larger base by changing the format of positions to internships, freelance, and part-time. This can allow you to save money, while attracting top talent that doesn’t fit into a traditional employment classification. 

Hire for Potential 

Finding the perfect hire is always a struggle. Even without a labor shortage, the candidate you envision doesn’t always exist. Solve this problem by shifting your search to applicants who can be groomed into your best employee. Instead of concentrating on the skills they don’t have, look for personality traits that align with your culture. If the person shares the same morals and values as your company and has a hunger for success, they’re a diamond in the rough. 

Finding top talent in a labor shortage isn’t easy. ECS can take many laborious tasks off your plate, so you have more free time to focus on hiring. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your company!  


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