Managing Burnt Out Employees

Every employee has off-days now and then, but lately, several of your team members haven’t been themselves. As a whole, they’re collectively irritable, unproductive, and always seem to lack energy. This is a sharp contrast from the way things used be, and it’s starting to impact your bottom line. It’s very possible they have achieved burn out, so now it’s your job to help them overcome it.

Get to the Root of the Problem

You can’t help employees suffering from burnout if you don’t know what caused it. Talk to your team to figure out what’s going on. A few common causes of burnout include lack of appreciation, a poor fit for the job, unreasonably high demands from the boss, or too much internal pressure to succeed. Let employees know you’re there for them and want to help.

Make Positive Changes

Opening up and sharing the issues that drove them to burnout won’t be easy for many employees. Show them you listened and truly care by making changes for the better. For example, if employees said feeling overworked led them to burnout, take measures to reduce their workload and limit work hours. It might take a while to see a positive impact, but it will come in time.

Encourage them to Take Time Off

If employees have reached their breaking point, a little time away from work might be the best option. Allow them to step away from their jobs for a while to relax and recharge. Hopefully, they’ll return feeling refreshed, with a new perspective. Sometimes a little break is all it takes for people to reclaim the hunger they once had for their work.

Allow Time for Passion Projects

Get employees excited about work again by allotting a certain amount of time per week or month for — job-related — passion projects. This will allow people to get their creative juices flowing while working on something close to their heart. It’s not uncommon for the monotony of daily tasks to cause burnout, so this can help people find their way out.

Give People More Freedom

Being the boss comes with a lot of responsibility, so it makes sense that you’d want to keep a close watch on your team. However, micromanaging won’t help the situation. Try to back off a little and give your team some breathing room. This will show them they have your trust, thus increasing their levels of self-confidence and job satisfaction.

Burnt out employees require a lot of special attention from the boss, so allow ECS to take on some of your tasks. We offer a variety of services to ease the process of hiring and managing a contingent workforce. Contact us today to learn how we can be of assistance!

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