How “Overnight Success” Actually Takes Years of Planning

You’re constantly hearing about new businesses that supposedly found success overnight. From the way these stories are presented, you’d literally think they were launched one day and took off the next.

Don’t fret if you’re still working to get the company off the ground that you founded years ago. When you take a closer look, overnight success is more of an urban legend than a reality. While many businesses seemingly come into the public eye out of nowhere, the people powering them have likely been working tirelessly for years to get to this point.

Securing Investors Isn’t Easy

Many businesses that realized seemingly instantaneous levels of success needed outside funding to get to the top. When a company doesn’t have an established name or much of a track record, it can be very challenging to get investors on board. It’s not uncommon for founders to meet with dozens — or sometimes even hundreds — of potential investors to raise the capital needed. This requires a thick skin and an unwavering belief in the business.

Growing an Audience Takes Time

On the surface, it might seem like some companies immediately go from having zero customers to millions, but that’s not really how it works. In most cases, businesses start small and gradually grow their client base. Those identified as an overnight success probably had a group of loyal customers for years, before the company went mainstream. Often times, all it takes is one major piece of publicity to launch a business into the public eye.

Initial Product Ideas Usually Need Refined

Entrepreneurs know failure is just part of business. In most cases, their initial plan or big project idea will require some tweaking at best before it gets off the ground. The fine-tuning process can easily take years, so patience is a virtue. Getting the company to the point where it’s producing products and services coveted by the masses is a lot more challenging than it appears on the surface.

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