How to Be Honest, Open, and Fair to Your Employees

As the boss, you’re in the most high-profile position at the company, so you need to be aware of your every move. Your intentions are good, but sometimes your behavior impacts your staff in a manner not intended.

Running a company is hard work. The path to being an honest, open, and fair leader isn’t always cut and dry. If you think your strategy needs a little fine-tuning, here are a few tips for improvement.

4 Ways  to be Honest, Open, and Fair to Your Employees

Treat Everyone Equally

You’re only human, so it’s natural that you probably favor a few employees. However, allowing your feelings to show is unfair to the entire team. Jealousy ensues when some people receive preferential treatment, so be mindful of your actions. Morale plummets when it’s obvious the boss has a few favorites, because they know these people are given advantages they didn’t earn.

Make Yourself Accessible

Establishing a sense of open communication between yourself and your employees is crucial. If they feel like you’re always closed off in a corner office, you’ll become more of an illusion than an actual leader. Make employees feel comfortable coming to you with questions, comments, and concerns by creating an open door policy. This literally means that your door is open as much as possible, welcoming team members to come into your office and chat.

Show Them the Respect You Demand

Being in charge doesn’t give you the right to treat employees poorly. Out of all the companies they could work for, these people make the choice each day to be on your team. You’re very fortunate to have them, so pay them the same respect they give you. When employees hold their boss in high regard, they’re happier, more productive, and the business realizes lower levels of turnover.

Keep them in the Loop

Each person on your team has a vested interest in the company, so they deserve to know what’s going on. Giving them good news is fun, but you might not be as eager to share updates that aren’t as pleasant. The thing is, your employees deserve to be notified of all major company happenings. Keeping them informed is a sign of respect, because these issues impact them too.

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