Successful People Learn How to Manage Work Stress

Some jobs are more taxing than others, but work stress is something most people have to deal with. Being under a lot of pressure at work can easily take a toll on your physical and mental health.  Failing to deal with this often leads to burn out, and you don’t want that. Find out how to get a handle on the situation as quickly as possible, so it doesn’t hinder your path to success.

5 Ways to Manage Work Stress

Identify Stress Triggers

It’s highly unlikely that everything about your job stresses you out. Chances are, the bulk of your concerns come from a few triggers — i.e., certain tasks or people. Figuring out exactly what is causing you to feel the heat will get you one step closer to solving the problem.

Set Boundaries

You really enjoy your job, but that doesn’t mean you have to be available to the office around the clock. Everyone needs a healthy balance between work and play, so set some ground rules. Every job is different, so if you can’t completely disengage during the night and weekend hours, find at least some time to put work to the side and focus on your personal life.

Take a Lunch Break

Working through lunch each day isn’t doing you any favors. You might think you’re accomplishing more by not taking a break, but all you’re really doing is raising your blood pressure. Getting out of the office for a while allows you to relax and clear your head. Issues that were stressing you out during the morning hours probably won’t seem quite as daunting when you return to your desk.

Find a Healthy Stress Reliever

When you’re feeling stressed, you need a way to relieve the pressure. There’s plenty of ways to do this, so find a healthy route that will actually make you feel better in the long term. Activities like meditation, exercise, and keeping a journal are positive choices, whereas gorging on fast food or drinking excess amounts of alcohol are negative behaviors that won’t get you to a better place.

Ask for Help

You’re the only one who really knows how much work you can handle at once. When you feel like you’re at capacity, speak up and ask for help. Let your manager know you’re at capacity, delegate tasks to your employees, and don’t be afraid to say no to new projects.

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