Subtle Adjustments to Your Interview Process With MASSIVE Implications

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You’re ready to hire a new team member, and you want to do it right. The interview process you currently follow is decent, but that’s not good enough. You’re searching for ways to tighten things up, so you can find the best possible candidate.

Thankfully, improving your hiring process doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time or money. Here’s a few tips to help you truly find the best person for the job — every time.

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

Rewrite Job Descriptions

Posting the same stale description every time a job becomes available is easy, but hugely ineffective. Most positions change with time, so this is effectively false advertising. Rewriting job descriptions to accurately reflect the current role makes sense and will help you find the best candidate much faster.

Make It a Team Effort

If you’re the only person meeting with candidates before they’re hired, this is a problem. Beyond a skills fit, a new hire needs to mesh with the rest of the team to be successful. Therefore, including those who will be working closely with the person makes sense, because you’ll be able to assess their dynamic firsthand. Different people also pick up on different clues, so input from other employees will help you make better choices.

Keep Candidates in the Loop

Chances are, your company isn’t the only place your top candidates are interviewing. If you don’t keep them informed of key dates in your hiring process, another organization might scoop them up first. Always set a hiring timeline before you start interviewing, and clearly communicate this with candidates. If something changes, let them know, so they don’t think they were passed up and move on.

Include Specific Instructions to Apply

Sometimes making your hiring process a bit more complicated can be a good thing. Requiring candidates to follow specific instructions — i.e., sending an email with a certain subject line or answering a few questions — can help you weed out the wrong candidates. Those not truly interested in the job won’t either won’t apply or won’t follow the instructions, which is telling.

Hold Off-Site Interviews

Job interviews can cause major anxiety in even most confident candidates. This can make it hard to determine their fit for the position, because they’re not being their true self. Ease their anxiety by conducting interviews in a neutral location — i.e., a coffee shop — so they can feel more comfortable.

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