Every Professional Should Document Their 2020 Goals…Here’s Why

Outlining 2020 Goals

You have big dreams for your career. There’s a lot you hope to accomplish in 2020, and while the new year isn’t here yet, it’s never too early to start planning. 

Writing your goals down is the first step toward success. Here’s what everyone has to gain by making time for this crucial action. 

Four Reasons to Document Your 2020 Goals 

Figure Out Where You’re Headed 

Knowing what’s next for your career isn’t always easy. However, the goals you set will guide the way. Writing them down will help you create a roadmap that leads to your dream job. Having something to reference will serve as a guiding point, so you don’t get distracted and take a wrong turn. 

Hold Yourself Accountable 

Goals are easy to set but much harder to achieve. It’s easy to procrastinate when there’s no hard evidence of them, so putting pen to paper really brings these ambitions to life. When there’s written evidence of your goals, you’re much more likely to take them seriously. After all, you can’t ignore a written list sitting right in front of you. 

Track Your Progress 

Seeing how far you’ve come with your goals is fun, and motivates you to keep ongoing. You can’t do this unless they’re written down, because you’re not going to remember where you were at each point along the way. Don’t miss this opportunity to document your hard work and feel proud looking back on it. 

Bring Your Career Vision to Life 

Failing to write down your goals decreases your chances of success. To put it bluntly, you probably won’t achieve your full potential unless your objectives are documented. You’re far too talented to settle for mediocre levels of success, so take the time to write your goals down. Remember, you can always adjust your goals as needed, so what you decide on today is never set in stone. 

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