Our Goal Is to Optimize Core Competencies

ECS’ unique business model permits ECS to effectively assist recruiters seeking low-risk, instant access to the contingent staffing market on a national basis, and clients seeking cost-conscious professional payrolling and consultant management services.


ECS does not recruit personnel for client job assignments. Our core competency is managing the contract employment cycle, invoicing, financing, payroll or HR compliance, and allowing you to focus on exactly what you do best.


Concentrate on optimizing your contract labor workforce to contain cost while remaining compliant. ECS provides professional payrolling and contract labor services for the contingent workers you recruit.

Considering an Employer of Record Service? Ask These Questions:

Do they outsource employment to a PEO?

It may sound strange, but not all back-office services employ the contract personnel. This means they do not control the benefits offered to contract personnel, do not have any real insight into HR compliance issues and will have difficulty explaining the legal structure in the event of a legal problem involving co-employment.

ECS is a multi-state employer of contract personnel. As the employer of record, we do not outsource employment to another party.

Have you ever had any I-9 or other violations?

Be sure to choose an employer of record service that can correctly handle I-9 compliance.

Who funds the company?

Ask if they are funded by outside investors, or whether they use factoring companies to fund payroll. ECS is fully funded by its ownership and does not use outside investment vehicles to fund operations.

Is price the most important consideration?

Is a prospective employer of record service leading with price? You must wonder why, when there are so many other factors to consider. Though ECS does not sell our services this way, the good news for you is since our services are self-contained, ECS’ new pricing model is cheaper than any of our main competitors.

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