Do You Keep Losing Candidates to Other Offers?

Finding the right person for the job is incredibly taxing and time-consuming. When you finally narrow down your list of candidates to one, you’re betting they’ll accept your offer — but it doesn’t always go that way.

If losing your top choice to other companies has become standard practice, there’s clearly a problem. Get to the bottom of this now, before another talented professional slips through your fingers.

Poor Communication Between Interviews

When searching for a new job, people expect — and deserve — to be kept in the loop. If you’re not sharing a timeline for the interview process and staying in touch, they have no idea where they stand. Being left in the dark will make them assume you’re not interested, causing them to accept other job offers that might not be as enticing.

Unreasonably Long Hiring Process

The average interview process is 23.8 days, according to Glassdoor. If yours is notably longer, this is likely why candidates are heading elsewhere. Active job seekers are typically either unemployed or unhappy in their current situation. These people want a new job immediately, so if you drag the process out longer than necessary, they’ll give up and move on to the next.

Poor Compensation

To the right candidate, money isn’t the only thing that matters, but it is a huge factor. If the salary you offer is substantially lower than other companies, most people will choose to pass — and rightfully so. Use wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see average salaries for each job posted in your area of the country, then try your best to at least match them.

Lack of Perks

Just as with compensation, the right candidates won’t choose your company for perks alone, but they do make a difference. Extras like flexible schedules, free gym memberships, a pet-friendly workplace, and onsite daycare truly enhance employees’ lives. If a candidate has to choose between your company and a similar offer from a competitor, it’s not really a surprise they’re opting for the better perks.

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