Welcome to ECS
As a contract employee of ECS, we are here to provide you the best employment experience.  Whether you are working on a temporary assignment, a long term contract or a temp-to-hire assignment, ECS’ goal is to support your needs as an employee.  Founded in 2000, ECS employs thousands of workers across the United States, with a worker-focused approach that has been a successful formula for over twenty years in business.

Assignment Life Cycle
ECS assists our employees throughout the process of employment, from online electronic onboarding, to ongoing management and support during your project, offboarding and conversion, and year end W2 tax forms.

Payroll Schedule 
Contract employees are paid weekly by ECS, based on client approved time records.  Our pay schedule runs from Monday through Sunday.  You will receive your paycheck or direct deposit every Friday, depending on local mail delivery service.  We encourage all of our employees to enroll in direct deposit.

ECS Employee Benefits
Working for ECS gives you access to comprehensive health benefits, 401(k) plan and a variety of work-life benefits.

  • Medical.  Our medical benefits include contributory medical, dental and vision insurance.  Employees enrolling in the high deductible insurance plan may establish a health savings account, allowing employees to set aside money tax-free for deductibles, out of pocket expenses and to build for future medical expenses.
  • 401(k).  After six months on assignment, employees are eligible to enroll our 401(k) Plan, a fully vested plan with a 100% ECS employer match up to 4% of compensation.
  • Commuters.  Employees are eligible to pay for commuter-related expenses tax free through our WageWorks program.
  • Employee Discounts.  ECS employees can enjoy an array of employee discounts from our employee perks program.
  • PTO.  Specific assignments may include paid time off.

We look forward to working with you during your assignment.  For questions about employment with ECS, please contact ECS Human Resources at (607) 323-0004 or via email at info@ecshome.com.