Three Steps to a Healthy Diet at Work

Improving Daily Diet at Work

Eating healthy at work isn’t always easy, but it’s very possible. If you’re struggling with your diet during the day, you’re also probably crashing and burning every afternoon. This is because what you eat fuels your energy levels.

Foods that are high in fat and sugar might taste good, but they’re bad for your body in more ways than one. Here’s some advice to help you clean up your diet, so you can be your best self at work — and beyond — each day.

Three Steps to a Healthy Diet at Work

Pack Lunch the Night Before

If you’re like most people, mornings are hectic. In theory, it would be nice to get up early and pack your lunch, but when it comes down to it, you’ll likely choose a little extra sleep. This is why it’s important to pack your lunch the night before. When all you have to do in the morning is open the refrigerator and grab your lunch, there’s no excuse not to do it.

Keep Healthy Snacks in Your Desk

It’s only natural to need a snack or two during the workday, to keep you going between meals. There’s nothing wrong with snacking, as long as you do it the right way. Your company probably has a vending machine, but it’s likely filled with unhealthy snacks that offer no nutritional value. Snack the right way by bringing in healthy snacks to keep in a desk drawer — i.e., almonds, roasted chickpeas, and jerky. These foods will satisfy your hunger and give you a much-need energy boost.

Avoid “Cake in the Breakroom”

Most office breakrooms are filled with unhealthy snacks brought in by well-meaning people. Birthday cake, donuts, cookies, and other deliciously unhealthy snacks will taste amazing in the moment, but you’ll probably regret eating them as soon as you chew the last bite. It’s hard to break the habit of snacking on these treats, so avoid them entirely. If you have a sweet tooth, keep a few small pieces of dark chocolate at your desk to satisfy your craving, without eating a day’s worth of calories in a few bites.

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