How to Balance Speed and Quality When Hiring a New Team Member

Hiring a new team member is hard work — especially when you needed to fill the position yesterday. You know the cost of a bad hire, so you’re trying to be careful to avoid that, but time is of the essence.

Thankfully, hiring quickly doesn’t have to mean bringing on a lower quality candidate. Here’s some advice to help you speed up the hiring process, without having to settle for someone who’s just okay.

Four Tips to Balance Speed and Quality When Hiring

Write a Fresh Job Description

When you’re in a hurry to hire, it’s tempting to cut corners, but that won’t get you the kind of candidate you want. Chances are, responsibilities associated with the position have changed at least a bit since the last time it was filled, so you need to update the job description accordingly. This will allow you to attract candidates truly suited to hold the position.

Keep Candidates in the Loop

There’s a very good chance your top candidates are also interviewing at other companies. The job at your company might be their top choice, but if they don’t know where they stand, they might accept a position with another employer. Avoid this — and the delays associated with it — by sharing your hiring timeline with candidates. Keeping them on the same page will ensure they don’t give up on your company prematurely.

Request Referrals

Your talented staff has a network filled with contacts of their caliber. When a position becomes available, ask them to refer former colleagues, classmates, friends, and other associates they think would be a great fit. When talented professionals are placed at your fingertips, hiring right becomes a lot quicker and easier.

Ask for Help

Hiring quickly is hard enough on its own, but it can feel nearly impossible when you’re trying to balance this task with a full workload. Delegate tasks that don’t need to be completed by you, so you can focus on hiring. Your team will benefit from the learning experience associated with taking on new responsibilities, and you’ll have more time to concentrate on hiring right.

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