Managing Employee Benefits: What Is Most Important as We Look at the Second Half of 2020

Managing Employee Benefits | Hiring in 2020

Managing employee benefits and ACA compliance isn’t always easy, but it’s so important. The work you’re doing has a profound impact on your employees’ lives, so give this task the attention it deserves.

Health insurance has always been a top priority with most employees, but no doubt, COVID-19 has highlighted the value of this benefit even further. As we head into the second half of 2020, it’s more important than ever to understand what people want in a healthcare plan.

Four Features Employees Want in a Healthcare Plan


Your employees are very different people, with different healthcare needs. Therefore, you can’t take a blanket approach with the health insurance plans you offer. People need the ability to customize plans to fit their individual and family situations. Make sure they have plenty of options, so they’re able to choose the coverage that allows them easy and affordable access to the care they need.


These days, visiting a healthcare facility isn’t the only way to see a medical professional. Telehealth services have made it possible for patients to receive care from anywhere, which is pretty amazing. This can allow patients with mild illnesses to see their doctor from home or it can connect people with specialists located far from their local area.

Many health plans do not offer telemedicine, so choose one that does, because your employees want this benefit.

Low Premiums

Health insurance is so important, but premiums can be very expensive. If possible, try to offset costs for your team by paying the bulk or all of their premiums. This is a benefit that will be more appreciated than ever in the COVID-19 era.

Help Choosing the Right Plan

Employees know it’s important to select the best insurance plan for their needs, but doing so isn’t always easy. Ease the stress of open enrollment by asking your insurance provider for educational materials designed to help people make the best choice. Having a little help will allow employees to feel more confident in their coverage decision.

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