5 Tips for Getting Over Those Sunday Night Blues

Weekends are great…until they end. If you’re like many people, Sunday night is your most depressing time of the week. After having a fun weekend, dread starts to creep up as Monday morning inches closer. 

Tired of ending your weekend on a gloomy note? Here are five ways to combat those Sunday evening blues weighing you down. 

Do Something Fun 

Instead of pouting about the end of the weekend, get out and make the most of it. Sure, it’s a work night, so you won’t want to stay up too late, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Try a new restaurant, see a movie, or plan a romantic date night in with your significant other. This will get your mind off Monday, and keep your spirits high. 

Stop Checking In With Work 

Chances are, you’re anxious about Monday because you’re already in work mode. Logging into your email to get a head start on the week might seem like the responsible thing to do, but it’s clearly not working for you. Save Sunday night for personal time and go into the office a little early on Monday to tackle your inbox. 

Create a Relaxing Ritual 

Prepare for the week ahead by making Sunday evening all about relaxation. Take a yoga class, run a hot bath, or unplug all your devices and enjoy being present with your family. It’s hard to feel upset about Monday’s imminent arrival when you’re in a state of Zen. 

Reward Yourself on Monday 

If you associate most of the weekend with fun, but consider Sunday night the start of a workweek you’re dreading, it’s no wonder you’re glum. Fight this feeling by making Monday special  i.e., wearing your favorite outfit, having lunch with a friend, or treating yourself to an afternoon cappuccino. 

Get a New Job 

Enjoying your weekend so much you don’t want it to end is normal. However, if your Sunday night blues are caused by anxiety about a job you hate, take this as your cue to move on. You spend a significant amount of your life at work, so if your job doesn’t make you happy, it’s time to find something that does. 

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