What is Your Biggest Goal for 2014?

By all indications, 2014 promises to be a big year for contingent staffing. The U.S. economy continues to grow, albeit slowly, positioning savvy agencies for growth in both revenue and number of placements.

Where should you concentrate your efforts to make the most of 2014?

  1. Build your business. Increase your visibility with content marketing and social media. Blogging can help establish you as a thought leader as can interacting on Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn. Offer value with an industry newsletter or a free eBook. No one wants to be “sold” but many are eager to consult with experts. Give away your expertise, become a resource for your clients and candidates and they will beat a path to your door. 
  2. Attract better candidates. Your staffing business is only as strong as the quality of candidates you have to offer. Job-seekers have become wiser consumers. How can you find and keep the best? 
  3. Optimize for mobile. Job-seekers most commonly interact with staffing sites on mobile devices. Make your site easy to read and navigate on the fly. Stick to the basics. Mobile jobseekers need to know what kind of placements you offer, how to contact you and how to search jobs. Any more than that is just clutter. 
  4. Educate your recruiters. Top candidates can go anywhere. Make sure that their experience is a pleasant one. Teach your recruiters the value of consistent follow-up and how to gently let go of a candidate who doesn’t fit your hiring criteria. 
  5. Stay social. (it’s worth saying twice!) Encourage candidates to follow you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Focus one or two of your monthly blogs on issues of importance to jobseekers. If they see you as a resource, they are less likely to investigate other agencies. 
  6. Increase your bottom Line. Keep your sales funnel full. While it’s great to be busy with current clients, it’s important to constantly prospect for new opportunities. Ask current clients for recommendations, task some of your recruiters with business development and don’t be afraid to hire if you need to .

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