About Us

At ECS, we take care of back office management services, employee payroll services and independent contractor compliance solutions for staffing and recruiting firms.


To create harmony among all parties involved in contingent workforce arrangements so recruiters will recommend us, clients will prefer us, and contingent workers will be proud to work with us.


ECS has been in business since 2000. From the beginning, we have focused on building relationships with recruiters and clients throughout the United States, managing contract staffing engagements in the primary employment categories of information technology, accounting and finance, clerical and administrative, and engineering and architecture.

When we began, we spent a lot of time explaining our services and why they were essential to staffing firms. Today, our business model is mainstream. Staffing buyers not only understand the business, but often prefer using it, especially when they engage small or mid-size contractor staffing vendors who may be undercapitalized or have compliance weaknesses.

Our Motto

Our motto has always been, “If everybody isn’t happy, nobody’s happy.” This simple phrase encapsulates a long-term view of business relationships, but more importantly, it is an honest, non-exploitive and non-adversarial posture as it relates to recruiters, customers and workers.

Over twenty years later, we still use this phrase as the basis for thinking about every business problem. Is it old fashioned? You bet it is. Is it irrelevant in today’s economy? You be the judge.

ECS is here to serve you – how can we help you serve your clients better today?

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