Contingent Labor Management

Internal recruits. Online staffing. Freelancers. Independent contractors. Gig economy. The way companies engage talent is rapidly evolving, but the fundamentals of compliance, cost management and effective delivery are still the same. ECS delivers all three.

ECS simplified the process of hiring and managing a contingent workforce through its employer-of-record system. For your internally sourced talent, ECS provides professional payroll services and independent contractor management services for companies of all sizes. As a payroll service provider, our goal is to help employers minimize risks associated with engaging contract and temporary personnel.

Traditional Staffing Vendors Are Too Expensive (So Is Online Staffing)

Employers often engage one of their staffing vendor list companies to payroll internally recruited non-permanent contingent staff. And recently, online staffing platforms have tried to access this market by engaging employer of record services to operate behind the scenes.  Both options can be costly.

Save a Million

Engaging ECS as employer of record is a dramatically cheaper option for your internal HR and recruiting team. Since we are in the employer of record business as a core focus, ECS can deliver thousands of dollars of lower costs per worker, better reports, and complex invoicing and job costing. Have over 100 workers to outsource? ECS could save your company over a million dollars.

Leverage Our Recruiter Network

ECS works with recruiters all over the U.S. If you are seeking external assistance with your recruiting efforts, ECS can connect you to our best recruiters in the geographic location you specify.

ECS Offers the Following Staffing Services to Employers:

Client Management

  • Services agreement/SOW management
  • Vendor list onboarding compliance
  • Job description compliance
  • Web-based timesheets submittal/approval
  • Electronic Invoicing

Staffing Insurance

  • General liability/umbrella
  • Fidelity bonding
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Waiver of subrogation
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Employment Management Services

  • Candidate background/drug screening
  • Employee onboarding/offboarding
  • I-9 compliance (including E-Verify)
  • TN and other foreign worker visa administration
  • Employee benefits services
  • Employee direct deposit
  • Year-end W2 forms
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Weekly payroll processing


  • Consultant sub-vendor management
  • Onboarding compliance
  • Insurance assistance
  • Weekly payment to consultants

You source the talent. Let ECS manage the delivery.

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