3 Quick Ways To Boost Productivity in Your Next Meeting

Meetings can be a productive way to really get things done, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Walking out of a meeting feeling like nothing was accomplished is beyond frustrating because your time is valuable. If you’re tired of holding ineffective meetings, make these three simple adjustments and prepare to see a world of difference.

3 Quick Ways To Boost Productivity in Your Next Meeting 

Create an Agenda

Get everyone on the same page before the meeting starts by creating an agenda and distributing it to everyone invited. If possible, do this a few days before the meeting, so everyone has time to prepare talking points for the discussion.

Having an agenda gets everyone on the same page, so all attendees know exactly what needs to be accomplished by the end of the meeting. If the conversation goes off-track — like it often does in meetings — having a written agenda right in front of all participants makes it easy to circle right back to the topic at hand.

Double Check the Guest List

Inviting someone to a meeting they don’t really need to attend is a waste of everyone’s time. Before sending out meeting requests, take a long look at the guest list to make sure the presence of all attendees actually makes sense.

Meetings tend to be unproductive when filled with people who don’t really need to be there because the discussion frequently goes off-topic and lasts much longer than necessary. Do everyone a favor and be selective with your invitations.

Start on Time

Punctuality is a huge part of making a meeting productive. When meetings start late, you’re either forced to cut the discussion short to fit the original timeframe or take even more time out of attendees’ days by going longer than expected.

People are often late to meetings, that’s inevitable, but don’t hold everyone else up to wait for stragglers. If necessary, catch latecomers up after the meeting ends or email your notes in a post-meeting recap.

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