4 Ways to Attract Passive Candidates

Sometimes the best person for the job is already employed. Since they’re not actively seeking employment, a passive candidate probably isn’t checking job boards, so reaching them requires a little creativity. Sure, this will take a lot of extra effort on your part, but they’re worth it.

Here’s a few tips to help you get started.

4 Ways to Attract Passive Candidates

Focus on Building Relationships

Personal connections will get you far in the hiring process, so put yourself out there. Attend networking events, conferences, Meetups, and use social media to form a talent pipeline.

It’s fine to search for professionals who might be a good fit for current openings, but don’t stop there. Instead, broaden your horizons to include people who could be an asset to the team down the road. Concentrate on nurturing these relationships now, so when a position becomes available, you’ll have already piqued their interest.

Turn Employees Into Brand Evangelists

Passive candidates are already comfortable in their current jobs, so they’ll probably be apprehensive about leaving. While there’s no way to guarantee they’ll be happy at your company, hearing rave reviews from your employees will help matters.

Encourage staffers to share positive stories about your company on social media. This might include updates on projects they’re working on, details of fun company events, or just general reasons why they’re proud to be part of the team. Get everyone on the same page by creating guidelines, so everyone knows what type of information is acceptable to share.

Host an Open House

Get passive candidates excited about your company by inviting them into your office to see what you’re all about. Have employees from each department on hand to connect with attendees, provide a company overview, and answer questions. Meeting with employees and seeing your workspace firsthand will leave the right people wanting more.

Offer Something Different Than Your Competitors

You can’t expect people to leave their current job if you don’t have anything better to offer. Figure out what your ideal candidate base wants and find a way to give it to them. If you’re able to provide passive candidates something they’re current employer can’t, they’re much more likely to make the move to your company.

Consider an Employer of Record Company

Attracting passive candidates takes a lot of time and effort, so team up with ECS to make more room in your schedule. We’ve been assisting recruiters and employers with our employer of record services for nearly two decades, and we’re eager to work with you! Contact us to learn how our full suite of services and subject matter expertise can benefit your company.

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