5 Must Hear Podcasts for Job Seekers

Finding a new job can feel like a job in itself, so you need all the advice and inspiration you can get. Podcasts are a fantastic way to achieve this, as you can download them and listen to episodes pretty much anywhere.

Whether you’re just thinking about switching jobs or are deep into your search, these five podcasts can offer valuable takeaways. Add them to your playlist and enjoy watching yourself become a more competitive candidate.

The Voice of Job Seekers

Hosted by Mark Anthony Dyson, a career consultant and career advice writer, The Voice of Job Seekers podcast aims to help inform, educate, and empower throughout your job hunt. Episodes include talks on career trends and practices based on interviews with career experts, authors, and coaches.

Manager Tools

Named after a management consulting and training firm owned by Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman, the Manager Tools podcast can help you prepare for a career in management. Learn everything from how to hire and manage an admin to tips for giving performance reviews. This can be a great way to prime yourself for interview questions designed for managerial candidates.

Career Relaunch

Brought to you by Joseph Liu, Career Relaunch is a great podcast for your playlist if you’re planning to break into a new field. Enjoy advice and inspiration by listening to the stories of others who have switched career paths. Episodes cover topics such as believing in yourself, gaining perspective, and reassessing your priorities.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

You won’t get a job interview without a well-written resume. This Grammar Girl podcast offers tips to help you become a better writer. Use your newfound knowledge to put together a polished resume that seriously impresses any hiring manager. As an added bonus, brushing up on your grammar will also help you speak eloquently in job interviews, giving your candidacy yet another boost.

CareerCloud Radio

Put the CareerCloud podcast on your playlist to enjoy tips to help you navigate all stages of your job search. Topics run the gamut from negotiation techniques to helping you find inspiration after losing your job. Get advice from both career experts and happily employed professionals who were once in your shoes.

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