Start Acknowledging Employee Achievements! Here’s How!

Employee Recognition Programs

Your employees are pretty incredible. They come into the office each day ready to give their all. They even work overtime without complaining during busy periods, because they truly enjoy their jobs. You’re beyond grateful for these people, and you want to acknowledge their efforts.

There are many different ways to thank employees. Different people prefer different forms of recognition, so take individual personalities and the situation into account before deciding which route to take. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Four Ways to Acknowledge Employee Achievements

Start an Employee of the Month Program

A classic idea that will never go out of style, an employee of the month program is a great way to honor team members. If despite your best intentions, you often forget to recognize outstanding employees, this can be a great idea, because you have to choose a new person every month. Honor each monthly recipient with something fun — i.e., a designated parking spot, lunch out at a restaurant of their choice, a gift card — to make them feel extra special.

Publicly Acknowledge Hard Workers

Many people — i.e., those who don’t mind being the center of attention — enjoy being recognized in front of a group. Taking a minute to call them out during a staff meeting or on a group email will make them feel appreciated. Not only will they be praised by you, but many of their colleagues will also likely congratulate them on their achievement.

Write a Thank You Note

A thank you note is a timeless gesture that shows employees how grateful you are to have them on the team. Your staff knows you’re busy, so taking the time to write them a handwritten or email note will mean a lot. In fact, there’s a very good chance they’ll keep this note for the rest of their careers.

Reward the Team

Thanking individual employees for outstanding contributions is so important, but sometimes the entire team deserves recognition. When this happens, reward the group by buying them a pizza lunch or giving them an early dismissal. This shows them you’ve noticed their hard work and appreciate everything they’re doing for the company.

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