How to Take the Proactive Steps to Become a Leader Among Your Coworkers

Leadership in the Workplace

You’ve been in your job for a while now, and you’re ready for a new challenge. Leading others is something that feels natural to you, so you’d like to step up and become a more prominent force on the team.

Being viewed as a leader among your peers isn’t something that happens overnight, so you have to earn your spot. Here’s some advice to help you get started.

Four Ways to Become a Leader at Work

Exceed Expectations

Leaders don’t just do their jobs — they excel at them. Prove you’re something special by going above and beyond the bare minimum. Put in extra hours when you’re on a tight deadline, pay attention to detail, and always be willing to lend a helping hand to your peers. Adding significant value to the team will earn you the respect you’ll need to become a leader.

Inspire Others

An effective leader knows how to motivate the team. Show you have what it takes by encouraging your colleagues to do their best work. Gather the team and give pep talks when morale is low and help disengaged coworkers reignite their passion for the work. Even when the team is in a great place, lead by example to be a positive role model.

Solve Problems

When the going gets rough, an effective leader isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Find ways to overcome roadblocks, instead of allowing them to stand in your way of success. The ability to find creative solutions to problems isn’t something everyone has. If you can display this talent, people will really look up to you.

Take the Lead on a Project

Ask your boss if you can step into a leadership role on a project you’re working on. This is a great way to put your leadership skills on display while earning the confidence of both your peers and your manager. No doubt, your boss will keep a close watch, and when you lead the team to success, it won’t go unnoticed.

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