Easy Desk Yoga Moves to Improve Your Health

Yoga offers benefits for your mind and body, but right now, you don’t have time to attend a dedicated class. Thankfully, plenty of yoga moves can be completed right at your desk. 

When you’re feeling tired, stressed, or stiff, take a few minutes for a desk yoga session. Here’s a few moves to include in your practice. 

3 Yoga Moves You Can Do at Your Desk

Seated Crescent Moon 

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you’ll recognize the crescent moon pose as a staple. This neck and shoulder stretch can be modified and completed in a seated position.  

Start by lifting your arms over your head, connecting the palms of your hands, and giving your fingers a wide stretch. Lean to your right side and take a few deep breaths. Repeat on your left side. 

Chair Pigeon 

A classic yoga move, the pigeon position can be easily modified to your chair. This will help improve your balance and open your hips and chest.  

In your desk chair, flex your foot and place your right leg over your left at a 90-degree angle. Hold the pose for up to 10 counts, while enjoying the stretch in your upper outer thigh. Repeat on the left side. 

Wrist and Finger Stretches 

Sitting at your desk typing all day can cause tension to build in your fingers, hands, and wrist  but you already know that. Ease the pain by incorporating wrist and finger stretches into your daily work routine every couple of hours.  

Extend your arms to the sides of your body or overhead and draw a few circles inward and outward with your wrists. After that, spread your fingers and close your fist a few times. Finish up by placing your hands on your desk with your palms facing up and fingers pointed toward you. This gentle pressure will provide a soothing stretch of your wrist and forearm. 

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