Don’t Skimp on the Process! Every Hire Should Go Through a Thorough Background Screening Process

Improving Background Check Process

You’re looking for ways to hire faster and cheaper, so you’re considering paring down your employee background screening process. It’s currently quite thorough, so you’re thinking eliminating a few steps won’t hurt anything. 

The thing is, your team represents your company. Spending a little extra time and money to properly screen candidates now can save you from serious issues down the road. Here’s what you have to gain by continuing to be diligent in your candidate selection process. 

Four Reasons to Conduct a Background Check on Every Hire 

Better Gauge Their Fit 

A key part of the background screening process, checking references allows you to speak with people who have worked directly with the candidate. This is an invaluable way to learn both more about their skills relevant to position and their cultural fit. This step is often brushed off as a formality, but it’s actually very important. 

Avoid Legal Problems 

You’re responsible for the employees you bring on board. Therefore, if an employee harms another team member or a customer, you could be held liable for not thoroughly vetting them. 

Unfortunately, it’s also not uncommon for candidates to lie on their resume. Conducting a background check will allow you to make sure employees have all the certifications they claim to, so you don’t run into compliance issues down the road. 

Ensure a Safe Workplace 

When you hire a candidate without a background check, you don’t know much about them, beyond what they tell you. This can cause safety issues, because you might unknowingly hire someone with a history of violence. Running a background check can highlight red flags that the person isn’t someone you want on your team. 

Reduce Turnover 

Hires made in haste often don’t last. By completing a background check on candidates, you’re better able to assess their fit for the position. This will allow you to choose people who are truly right for your company, and are more likely to stick around for years to come. High levels of turnover are costly in more ways than one, so hiring right will seriously inflate your bottom line. 

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