Hiring Through the Pandemic: What Benefits Might You Look at Offering New Hires?

Managing Employee Benefits When Hiring

The pandemic has changed the way the world operates  at least in the interim. No doubt, your company has been impacted by COVID-19, but thankfully, you’re still in a position to hire. 

As employee benefits management experts, ECS wants you to know that candidates are seeking different benefits right now. Traditional perks  i.e., free gym memberships, Friday happy hours, and free snacks in the kitchen  are great, but they’re not much use right now. Instead, candidates want benefits they can take advantage of immediately. 

Here’s a look at attractive offerings top talent wants in a new employer right now. 

Five Attractive Benefits New Hires Want in the Pandemic Extra Pay for Essential Workers 

Workers deemed “essential” right now are keeping the economy moving. In many states, they’re the only people allowed to work outside the home right now, and that puts them at a greater risk of contracting the virus. Therefore, the best companies are showing their appreciation by offering higher hourly wages  or bonuses for salaried employees  because it’s the right thing to do. 

Childcare Assistance 

In many states, school is not currently in session. This puts many essential employees with children in a difficult position, because they’re forced to pay additional childcare costs just to go to work. Employers can help with this by offering full or at least partial payment for childcare during work hours. This allows employees to avoid the financial burden of having to spend significantly more than usual on childcare.  

Guaranteed Pay for Quarantine and/or Illness 

No one wants to get COVID-19, but if it happens, people want to know they’ll still get a paycheck while battling the virus. Top companies are offering employees full pay for 14 days if they’re exposed to someone with the virus and have to quarantine or if they contract COVID-19. Any additional paid sick time you can offer will help your company compete for the best candidates. 

Financial Wellness Programs 

The pandemic has caused millions of employees to be laid off or have their work hours reduced. Many of these people will apply for jobs at your company, so complimentary access to financial wellness programs will be appreciated. These online tools help people budget, tackle financial issues, and create an emergency fund to fall back on. 

Home Office Setup Credits 

If your new hires will be working remotely, offering credits to set up a comfortable home office will be appreciated. Everyone works differently and has different home office setups, so give people a budget and allow them the freedom to choose what they want. For example, someone might want to freshen up an existing office space with a new rug and houseplants, but another person might want a comfortable new desk chair. 

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