How to Improve Efficiency and Focus in the Office

A new year is a great time for a fresh start. If you feel like a lack of efficiency and focus has been holding you back, it’s time to make a change. There’s no need to do things the hard way or spend your day on projects that don’t interest you. Make 2018 your best year yet by learning how to maximize your time.

4 Ways to Boost Efficiency and Focus at Work

Use these tips to become more productive and accomplished, so you can stop leaving the office feeling exhausted and unfulfilled.

1. Make a To-Do List

It’s hard to focus when you’re not even sure what you should be doing. When you get to your desk each morning, make a to-do list containing every task you need to complete by the end of the day. Create a flow by deciding in advance exactly how much time you’ll spend on each item, so you don’t lose track of time.

2. Work Without Interruptions

Constant disruptions make it hard to accomplish anything, but the office is filled with them. Phone calls, emails, and people stopping by your desk can seriously hinder your productivity, so curb them. Schedule blocks of times on your calendar for uninterrupted work. During this time, close your email app, silence the ringer on your phone, and ask any visitors to come back later. Even the slightest disturbance can cause you to lose your train of thought, so guard your quiet time.

3. Take Breaks

When you’re trying to be more productive, taking breaks might seem like the opposite of what you should be doing, but it’s not. Your brain can only focus for so long before it stops absorbing new information. Taking a break for lunch or going outside for some fresh air clears your mind and allows you to feel refreshed. You’ll return to your desk feeling re-energized and ready to work.

4. Learn When to Push Back

Saying no is hard, but you don’t have to agree to every request that comes your way. Whether you’re invited to a meeting you don’t need to attend or asked to work on a project that truly doesn’t interest you, it’s okay to speak up. You’re only human and there’s only so many hours in the day, so take control of how your time is spent.

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