How to Spark Creativity Among a Team That Is Showing Signs of Burnout

Steps to Reduce Employee Burnout

Once upon a time, your team was inspired. Everyone got along great, and they truly enjoyed their jobs. However, things have changed.

Lately, people have been calling in sick a lot, missing deadlines, and turning in work that doesn’t meet your quality standards. You know these are signs of burnout, and you’re worried about what this means for the future.

Here are few tips to help inspire them to feel the passion they once had for their jobs.

Five Ways to Spark Creativity on a Team Headed for Burnout

Show Gratitude

Resentment slowly creeps in when employees don’t feel appreciated. If your team feels like their hard work always goes unnoticed, they’re probably frustrated. Change this by making a point to acknowledge their efforts and thank them for their hard work. When people feel valued, they’re inspired to do their best work.

Offer Flexible Work Options

A long commute, paired with rigid work hours, can be draining. It’s hard to be creative when you’re exhausted, so offer flexible solutions. This could include allowing employees to work from home certain days per week and/or letting them set their own schedule. A better work-life balance will allow them to have more energy at work each day.

Focus on Team Bonding

Your employees’ best ideas happen when they work together. However, burnout can bring out the worst in people. If your team hasn’t been getting along as well as they used to, it’s up to you to bring them back together. Nurture their relationships by holding regular team-building activities outside the office. Having a little fun together will rebuild bonds and make working together fun again.

Encourage Side Projects

The work you give employees is certainly rewarding, but that’s not all they want to do. Creative people always have at least one passion project up their sleeve that they’re eager to work on. Help people get inspired by giving them a few hours per month to work on these projects. This is an all-around win, as they’ll have fun working on the project and you’ll benefit from their newfound skills and renewed energy.

Invest in New Equipment

It’s hard for people to feel inspired about work when they don’t have the tools needed to properly do their jobs. Ask employees what they need and do your best to provide it. When they have the right equipment, they’ll be excited to get to work.

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