Managing Introverts: How to Better Talk to Your Introverted Employees to Maximize Their Success

Managing Introverts

Your team is composed of several very different personalities. Some of your employees are extroverts  i.e., outgoing people who enjoy being around others  while others are introverts  i.e., those who prefer to spend much of their time alone or with small groups of people. 

You’ve recently realized your management style caters to extroverts a bit more than introverts, and you’re ready to change that. Here’s some advice to help you connect with introverted employees and help them get ahead. 

Four Tips to Successfully Manage Introverts 

Schedule Regular One-on-Ones  

Chances are, you catch up with your extroverted employees on a regular basis. They speak up in meetings, stop by your office, and are often found chatting around the water cooler. The same can’t be said for your introverts, so make a point to spend time with them. Scheduling regular one-on-one meetings will make them feel valued and help you keep up with them. 

Don’t Put Them on the Spot 

Extroverts are more than willing to share their viewpoints whenever and wherever they’re asked  and often unprompted. The same can’t be said for introverts, as they need time to gather their thoughts. Instead of stopping by their desk and asking them to weigh in on an important issue, send them an email, so they have the opportunity to really think about it. 

Give Them Space 

If your work environment is on the noisy side, your introverts might have trouble concentrating. Talk to them about this and work together to find a solution. This might mean finding a quiet office for them far away from the chaos or allowing them to work from home a few days per week. 

Allow Them to Shine Under the Radar 

Everyone enjoys praise from the boss, but introverts prefer a much different delivery than their extroverted peers. Instead of calling them out in front of the group, recognize them in an email or during a one-on-one meeting. This will make them feel special, without becoming embarrassed by unwanted attention. 

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