Managing a Remote Workforce: How to Keep Your Team Engaged and Motivated

Managing a Remote Workforce | Workforce Management Tips

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your employees are now working from home. You’re beyond grateful your company is in a position to shift to this model, but of course, it isn’t without its challenges.  

From compliance management to keeping your team connected, you’re doing everything you can to tackle the issues associated with a sudden move to remote work. Here’s some advice to help your team stay inspired and grow even closer, despite the physical distance. 

Four Tips to Keep Your Remote Workforce Engaged and Motivated 

Schedule Regular Video Chats 

There’s no substitute for face-to-face conversations. Thankfully, this is possible to achieve from anywhere with services like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Hold regular video chats with both your entire team and employees individually, because the ability to see one another will help everyone feel more connected. 

Use Instant Messenger 

Your employees are used to constantly stopping by each other’s desks with questions, comments, and concerns. They can’t do that right now, so instant messenger is the next best thing. Require everyone to stay signed into a designated chat program during work hours, so each person is only a click away. This makes it easy to ask quick questions or engage in the little side conversations that keep people bonded. 

Give Employees More Control of Their Schedules 

Working from home is an adjustment for everyone  especially people with kids. Since most schools and daycares are closed, your team is trying to balance parenting  perhaps even homeschooling  with their jobs, which isn’t easy. Help them out by offering more flexibility with work hours. This can make it easier for parents to coordinate their work schedules, so they can take turns being in charge of the kids while the other works. 

Recognize Their Efforts 

There’s nothing more motivating than knowing your hard work is paying off. Keep your team inspired by showing them the results of their work. Depending on the nature of your company, this might mean sharing weekly earnings reports or reading messages from customers they’ve helped. Knowing they’re making a difference will make them feel great and encourage them to keep up their hard work. 

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