Quick Tips on Boosting Productivity

If you constantly feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, you might just be spending your time in the wrong places. Restructuring your workday can make all the difference.

Chances are, you don’t even know your current habits are a drain on productivity. Find out how to be more efficient with your time, so you can accomplish more each day.

4 Ways to Boost Productivity

1. Set Priorities

You can’t do it all, so decide what’s most important to you and focus your efforts on these matters. Delegate work that doesn’t align with your priorities to other team members and closely guard your schedule to make sure your time is properly optimized. Don’t be afraid to decline meeting requests where your presence isn’t needed and if someone approaches you while you’re trying to work, politely ask them to come back later.

2. Schedule Your Day

Make the most of your day by blocking off certain times for specific activities. For example, instead of constantly checking emails and answering the phone on the first ring, set three times per day to respond to messages. Make a to-do list each morning, and decide how long you’ll spend on each item. This will help you focus, so time doesn’t get away from you. It’s also wise to schedule a little extra time each day, so you don’t get thrown off-track by unexpected happenings.

3. Stay Organized

When your work area is a mess, it takes a lot longer to accomplish anything. Create a system of order, so you know exactly where to look for papers, files, and anything else needed to do your job. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of time added back into your day when you know exactly where everything is located.

4. Stop Multitasking

On the surface, doing multiple things at once seems like a smart way to save time, but it’s not. Mistakes happen when you’re not fully focused on a task. This means you have to go back and redo the work you already did, which makes it take double the time it should. Concentrating solely one project at a time might take longer initially, but it will ultimately allow you to do better work, faster.

When you’re constantly pulled in several directions, it’s hard to be productive. ECS is here to help by providing cost-effective management and deployment of your contract labor force. We assist both recruiters and employers, so contact us today to discuss your needs!

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