Do Your Employees Need Some Space? Here’s How to Tell

Being the boss comes with a lot of responsibility. All the work completed by your employees reflects directly on you, so understandably, you want to keep a close watch. The thing is, there’s a fine line between making sure quality standards are upheld and micromanaging your team. 

You hired talented employees, so take a step back and let them work on their own terms. If any of the actions below sound a little too self-descriptive, your team needs some breathing room. 

Four Signs You’re a Micromanager 

It’s Your Way or the Highway 

Your way of doing things works, but that doesn’t mean your employees’ ideas aren’t just as good  or better. Making rules just because you can is a control issue you need to get a handle on. Morale decreases when people feel stifled, so allow them to work as they see fit. It’s fine to step in if something truly warrants your assistance, but otherwise, keep your distance. 

You Require Frequent Status Updates 

Generally knowing what your team is working on is important, but you don’t need to be on top of their every move. If you make people CC you on project emails for no reason and constantly stop by their desks to check-in, you’re definitely stifling them. Unless employees give you a reason not to trust them, show them the respect they deserve by backing off. 

Employees Must Run Every Decision by You 

Some decisions need to be approved by the boss, but typically only the most important ones. If you demand to be consulted about every minor detail, you’re zapping the fulfillment out of your employees’ jobs. Give them the space they’ve earned by having faith in them to make the right choices without having to seek your approval. 

Turnover on Your Team is High 

When compared with the company as a whole, If your team’s resignation rate is notably high, consider this a red flag. Top talent doesn’t stay in jobs where they feel stifled, so your behavior is likely driving employees away. If you stay in your lane, people will be more inclined to stay in their jobs. 

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