The Top Signs an Employee Is Thinking About Quitting

Losing a top employee to another company is always difficult, but it’s even more challenging when it seems completely unprecedented. In most cases, you only get two weeks’ time or less until their last day, which certainly isn’t enough time to find a replacement.

In some cases, the announcement may truly come out of left field, but most of the time you can see the warning signs, if you know how to read between the lines. Being cognizant of these telltale hints the employee is planning their departure might help you change their mind — or at the very least, better plan for their exit.

Frequent Requests for Time Off

Job interviews typically take place during standard working hours. If the person has been making a lot of last-minute requests to take a day or off or keeps taking sick days — despite seeming perfectly healthy — you should be suspicious. Double that skepticism if they come into your casual office environment dressed in a suit on one of their half days, but remain mum about their whereabouts.

Reduced Output

When an employee knows they’re on the way out of a job, they typically start slowing production levels down. If a person who typically comes in early, volunteers for extra assignments, and always submits flawless work suddenly starts showing up late and regularly misses deadlines, they probably already have one foot out the door.

Mysteriously Reassigning Tasks to Others

If an otherwise motivated employee starts trying to delegate more than a few tasks out to the rest of the team, there’s a good chance they know something about their future that you don’t. Trying to pass their responsibilities off now, while still gainfully employed, is their way of tying up loose ends, to make their departure as easy as possible for the rest of team.

Major Spike in LinkedIn Activity

When a person is searching for a new job, you can pretty much guarantee they’re going to consult LinkedIn. An influx of new connections made and groups joined, a revamped profile, and suddenly sharing regular status updates is a sign they want to be noticed.

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