Tips on How to Manage a Team as a New Manager

Becoming a new manager is a great honor, so congratulations on your accomplishment! Right now, you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety, because being the boss is a very big job. However, it’s certainly nothing you can’t handle, so it’s time to embrace being in charge.

Your first few days as the boss set the tone for the rest of your tenure. Find out how to start strong and be the manager your team needs.

5 Tips for Success as a New Manager

1. Get Acquainted With Your Team

People work hard for managers they like, so take the time to bond with your employees. If you were promoted internally, you probably already know these people, but you’ll need to build the foundation for a different kind of relationship.

Schedule one-on-one meetings with each person to learn about their current skillsets and career goals, so you can assign work appropriately. Get everyone together for an offsite outing — i.e., team lunch — to learn more about their lives outside the office.

2. Keep It Professional

You might be used to befriending your co-workers, and if you were promoted to a managerial role, you’re likely already friends with several. While it might feel natural to develop friendships with your employees, you can’t take this route.

Managing employees who are personal friends adds another layer of difficulty to the job. Plus, feelings are bound to get hurt if other staffers feel like you’re playing favorites. If you’re already friends with some of your new team members, make it clear that your relationship inside the office has to change.

3. Treat Everyone With Respect

Many first-time managers let their newfound power go to their head, but this won’t win you any fans. There’s no need to bark orders like a drill sergeant or constantly flaunt your managerial status.

As the boss, you want your staff to respect you, but this sentiment is earned. You set the tone for your team, so if you treat people kindly, they will do the same in return.

4. Be Available to Employees

Getting a new boss is a major adjustment for employees, so help them with the transition by being present. Put your staff first by promptly responding to their emails, visiting their work area multiple times per day, and keeping your office door open as much as possible.

5. Display Steadfast Confidence

Learning how to be a boss is a process. There’s a good chance you’re scared out of your mind and aren’t sure of what you’re doing much of the time, but feign confidence for your team. People need to feel like their leader is rock solid. Anything less will cause chaos to ensue and will result in some employees walking all over you.

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