Watch These 3 Ted Talks to Get You Motivated in Life (and Work!)

Chances are, you’ve seen at least a few TED Talks. Topics run the gamut from business to wind energy, ensuring there’s something to stimulate your mind, no matter what your interests. Thankfully, new talks are added frequently, ensuring there’s always fresh content to watch.  

Need a little pick me up? Watching TED Talks is one of the best ways to get inspired. Given by esteemed professionals, these speeches are designed to incite positive change. Here’s three to help you get motivated. 

3 Ways to Practice Civility

A TED Talk given by Steven Petrow, a journalist who writes about manners and civility, “3 Ways to Practice Civility,” will help you learn to handle differences of opinion with respect. This discussion takes a look at the meaning of civility and includes personal anecdotes from Petrow’s own experiences. Enjoy learning valuable lessons that can help you be more tolerant of others in both your personal and professional lives. 

How to Find the Person Who Can Help You Get Ahead at Work

There’s a common belief that hard work alone will take you far at work, but Wall Street veteran Carla Harris has other ideas. In her TED Talk, “How to Find the Person Who Can Help You Get Ahead at Work,” she explains the importance of finding a colleague with serious pull at your company who has your back. She details how to find this person and create a relationship that helps you get ahead. 

3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Everything You Do

You might remember Stacy Abrams as the former Georgia House Democratic Leader and the state’s 2018 Democratic nomination for governor. Her TED Talk, “3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Everything You Do,” explains how the way you respond to setbacks defines your character. She shares lessons learned from her campaign and tips make your mark on the world. 

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