Why You Need to Redeploy Your Past Workforce

Your company has employed a lot of great workers in the past — both on a temporary and permanent basis — but that doesn’t mean these people will be right for your company forever. If a past employee has resurfaced wanting a job, don’t automatically offer one up. Before making any moves, take the time to really think about their current fit for the organization.

Not offering the person a job might be tough, but if your company isn’t a good fit, you’re actually doing them a favor. Here’s a look at why you might pass on hiring a former staffer again.

4 Reasons to Redeploy Your Past Workforce

Skills No Longer Align With the Job

Most positions change over time, so it’s possible a job an employee once held is no longer the best match. Since they couldn’t pick up right where they left off, the training required to get them up to speed just wouldn’t make sense. If the person was a great worker, you might be able to find another more suitable job at the company, but don’t feel obligated if one isn’t available.

Lack of Growth Opportunities

As a thoughtful employer, you want to put people in jobs where they can learn and grow. If you know a former staffer has already mastered the responsibilities associated with the job, hiring them back won’t help them out the long run. Do them a favor by not tying them up in a job they’ve already outgrown.

Your Staffing Roster is Full

It can be tempting to rehire a great employee, but if you have no open positions, it probably doesn’t make sense. If they have skills and experience your company lacks, creating a new position might work, but don’t do it unless you have the need and budget. Otherwise, they’ll be left without a full workload and something will probably have to give to pay their salary.

Poor Cultural Fit

No matter how talented a former employee is, it doesn’t make sense to rehire them if they don’t mesh with your team. Chances are, this is at least part of the reason things didn’t work out the first time, so don’t make the same mistake again. Issues that arose in the past might seem like a distant memory now, but they’ll likely resurface right after you hire them back.

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