2019 Hiring Trends: Employer Branding

If you don’t currently have a strong employer brand, it’s time to build one. Not knowing what it’s like to work for a company is the number one obstacle candidates face when searching for a new job, according to LinkedIn data. Consequently, 75% take an employer’s brand into consideration before deciding to apply for an open position.

One of the top hiring trends of 2019, an employer brand highlights your mission, values, culture, and personality. Here’s some advice to help you get started.

4 Tips to Build a Strong Employer Brand

Know Who You Are

If your company is all over the place, it probably won’t be easy to hire the right people. Create a strong brand by clearly defining your vision, mission, values, and culture. When you have this mapped out, you can better focus on goals for the future and the type of talent you need to achieve them. Knowing exactly who you are and what you stand for will attract top talent.

Tell Your Story

Potential candidates won’t have access to your brand story unless you share it. Accomplish this by creating thorough ‘About Us’ and history pages for your website, starting a blog that highlights what it’s like to work at your company, and sharing customer testimonials. This will help prospective candidates learn about both your past and present, offering a well-rounded look at your organization.

Get in Front of Your Ideal Candidate Base

Sometimes the best person for the job isn’t actively seeking new opportunities. Get on passive candidates’ radar by building a strong social media following. Choose platforms that interest your target market and invest a significant amount of time and energy into building a strong following. Intrigue them by providing updates on interesting projects the team is working on, highlighting current employees, and sharing details on interesting company events.

Encourage Employees to Be Brand Evangelicals

Job seekers trust your employees three times more than you to provide credible information on what it’s like to be part of your team, according to LinkedIn data. Take advantage of this by encouraging staffers to serve as brand evangelicals. Create guidelines for posting about your company on social media, then allow them to share their positive work experiences. This will help strengthen your brand and entice candidates to submit an application.

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