3 Tips for Turning a Bad Interview Around

When you walk into a job interview, you hope it’s the first step toward the next chapter in your career. Therefore, it feels terrible when you feel your dreams of employment at the company slipping away mid-interview.

If the hiring manager appears disengaged or stops trying to sell you on the job, these are likely signs things aren’t going as planned. Try not to panic, because the interview isn’t over it. Here are three tips to help you turn a bad interview around.

Address the Elephant in the Room

In crisis mode, there’s no time to beat around the bush. Both you and the interviewer know things good, so be blunt — yet polite — about it. Break the ice by mentioning the fact that they seem to have concerns about your fit for the job, and asking for the opportunity to address them.

This approach can help you get issues out in the open that would likely otherwise keep you from getting the job. Of course, there’s still no guarantee you’ll be hired, but at least you’ll know you did everything in your power to prove your fit.

Ask Intelligent Questions

Like any great candidate, you came into the interview with a list of well-thought questions. In fact, you might’ve even come up with more during the interview. Now is the time to pull these out and use them to your advantage.

The hiring manager will be impressed with the depth of your questions, and the fact that you cared enough to ask them will show your genuine interest in the job. If you said something earlier that made them question your fit for the position, this can help provide the clarification needed to change their mind.

Craft a Strategic Thank You Note

The post-interview thank you note can have more sway than you might realize. More than just a formality, this is another chance to address any concerns you feel the interviewer might have about your ability to do the job or mesh with the company culture. Additionally, If you left the interview wishing you would’ve answered a question or two differently, this is the perfect place to provide further clarification.

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