Consider Using Non-Monetary Benefits to Improve Employee Morale

If morale is low at your company, this is something you need to take very seriously. Happy employees are more productive and stay put longer, so it’s time to turn things around.

You might think offering higher salaries or cash bonuses is the best route — and sometimes it is — but money isn’t always the answer. Here are a few ways to boost your team’s spirits that won’t cost you a dime.

5 Non-Monetary Benefits to Improve Employee Morale

Sincere Thank You

A little gratitude goes a long way. It’s possible your team is feeling jaded because they don’t think their hard work is appreciated. Of course, this isn’t the case, but if you don’t speak up, they won’t know otherwise.

Make a point to recognize employees’ efforts on a regular basis. Go about this the best way you see fit — i.e., stopping by their desk, writing a note, or calling out individuals in a staff meeting. Knowing their hard work isn’t going unnoticed will make people feel valued.

Potluck Lunch

Gathering the team for a group lunch is nice, but add a personal touch by making it a potluck. Not only is this a great idea if you’re short on cash, but it also makes it more of an event. Employees will enjoy showing off their favorite recipes, and having lunch at the office makes it easier to get up and mingle. Having a little fun together will remind people how much they truly enjoy their colleagues.

Volunteer Days

Take a vote to choose an organization to help out, and enjoy giving back to the community as a team. Close up shop for the day — or a few hours, if that’s all you can swing — and band together for a great cause. Volunteering feels great and people really appreciate an employer that cares about more than just their bottom line. This will bring your team closer together and make employees proud to be part of your organization.

Flexible Working Conditions

It’s possible morale is down because people aren’t enjoying much of a work-life balance. Change this by allowing them as much flexibility as possible. This might include the ability to work from home — at least sometimes — offering flex-time, or giving employees the opportunity to have a compressed work week. Getting to spend more time with loved ones is sure to turn things around for the better.

Dog-Friendly Office

If your employees are dog people, lift their spirits by opening your doors to their furry friends. People will really appreciate the ability to bring their beloved pets to work with them and having an office filled with adorable pooches is sure to make work more fun. This is a perk that can set your company apart from competitors, and truly make it a special place to work.

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