How Redeployment Could be Your Solution of Filling That Job

You invest a lot of time and money in your team  even temporary talent only hired to fill a position in the interim. It’s always frustrating to see a great worker go, even when you knew their time with your team was limited. They take the resources you invested with them, and you have to start over again with the next person. 

What you might not realize is you can redeploy temporary talent when their contract ends. If a position of a similar nature is available and they want to stay on board, it only makes sense to move them into the role. Here’s what you have to gain by engaging in this practice. 

4 Benefits of Redeployment

Save Time 

Hiring and training new employees the right way doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to find the right person for the job and get them acclimated to your team. When you redeploy a current contractor, this is a non-issue. You’ll need to provide a bit of training to get them up to speed on the new job, but that’s it. They’ll be working independently in virtually no time. 

Cut Costs 

Not just a time investment, hiring and training new employees is expensive. It’s especially costly if you’re only keeping temporary talent on the team for a very limited time. Choosing to redeploy talent can seriously cut costs, because you don’t have to go through the same orientation process twice. 

Eliminate Risk 

Every new hire is a gamble  even when dealing with temporary talent. However, if you already know you like a certain contractor, you’re able to completely avoid the guesswork. This is a major win, because bad hires are expensive and can take a serious toll on morale.   

Keep Your Competitive Advantage 

The people powering your company are its greatest asset. When you find a really fantastic temporary worker, it’s in your best interested to keep them around as long as possible. If you let them go at the end of their contract, another company will quickly snap them up. It doesn’t make sense to let your competitors reap the benefits of talent right under your nose. 


Need extra time to focus on hiring?

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