How to Explain to Candidates Why Your Company Is Special

When interviewing candidates to join your team, you want people to view the position as more than just a job. Your company is a pretty incredible place, so you need to figure out a way to help them see the magic.

This will get the right people even more enthused about the position, while helping you gauge their fit for the organization. Here’s how to do it right.

4 Ways to Show Candidates What Makes Your Company Special

Explain What Makes You Stand Out From the Crowd

Every company has at least one thing that makes it unique. Sure, your competitors might have similar products and services, but this feature gives it an edge. It might be the market you serve, price point, or a particular feature you offer that no one else does. Whatever it is, really drive this benefit(s) home.

Share Your Customer Service Approach

Without your customers, you wouldn’t be in business. This is something you’re keenly aware of, so your company takes great pride in its treatment of them. You’ve carefully crafted customer service policies and procedures that make your clients feel truly special, so share them with candidates. This will help them understand your customer-centric business model.

Highlight Your Company Culture

Essentially the personality of your organization, your culture defines what it’s like to be part of your team. Share your mission statement, values, and goals with candidates, so they can learn more about what you stand for. You’ll also want to highlight your work environment, and if possible, give them a tour of your office, so they can see it for themselves.

Describe the Quality of Your Products and Services

Your team is proud to produce quality products and services that really help customers. Everything from the materials used to the benefits derived from your offerings is unique to your organization. Thoroughly explain this to candidates, so they’re able to see the pride your team takes in both the production process and the final outcome.

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